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MRD17-289 VINTAGE FARMHOUSE--Distressed Wood--Off White

The Spectrum Digital Prints of McKenna Ryan’s Vintage Farmhouse collection for Hoffman Fabrics evoke images of a bygone era. Its faded colors, textures, and prints are timelessly elegant. 100% cotton. 43-44” wide.

Imagine walking into a dilapidated, 120 year-old farmhouse—one that has been abandoned for many decades. Picture the faded, crumbling plaster walls, whose weathered shiplap is widely visible. Look up to see the ornate tin ceiling tiles, most of which are now rusted or missing. An ancient world map is still nailed to one wall, although much of its detail is too faded to read. Admire the peeling wallpaper in the parlor and the bedrooms—the images of herbs and flowers remain beautiful despite the many water stains and tears. One tattered, paisley curtain still adorns a dusty window, which miraculously has a few panes intact.