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Quilting 101

Hello Quilters (or soon to be)

 If you are getting this email you have signed up for Quilting 101 and will be attending the machine class tomorrow at 10 am till 2ish?

 You are going to learn so much tomorrow, All about your machine and how it works for you. Also what kind sewing “stuff” that you will need.

So don’t go buy anything Just bring the following and we will talk about the rest…

What you need to bring..

Your machine (don’t forget the power cord and the foot pedal)

You instruction book that came with it (If you don’t have it, that’s ok too we can find one online if we need to)

All the “stuff” (bobbins, feet, tools etc) that came with it, so you can learn what you have

If you have a spool of thread, a pair of scissors, or a seam ripper. Bring what you have. If not I will lend you one

If you have an embroidery machine we will NOT be learning anything about how to embroidery.

Just want you to know a little about my sewing background

 I had my 1st machine( it was small) when I was 7, made my 1st garment when I was 10,(made all of my clothes after that) my 1st Quilt when I was 20. I have made a living Custom Sewing for the last 43+ years. During those years I have sewn everything from garment alterations, Costumes, Dance Wear, Bridal and Evening Gowns, Upholstered and Slipcovered furniture. From Doll clothes to Tailoring suits. Working with all different kinds of Fabric. I can’t think of much I have not sewn on. But that’s work

 I opened a quilt shop so I could teach again. And I Just Love teaching Quilting 101.      Thank you for taking my class, Denise

See you in the morning. Classroom will be open at 930